Our Work and Goals

The surface-processes group at the University of Minnesota blends field investigations, numerical modeling, geospatial analyses, laboratory experiments, and instrumentation design and fabrication to address changes in past and present glaciers and ice sheets, river systems, sea level, and landscapes.

UMN–MNSU collaboration

This website features intertwined and collaborative research groups and programs led by Andy Wickert in the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences and the Saint Anthony Falls Laboratory at the University of Minnesota, and by Phillip Larson in the Earth Science Program, EARTH Systems Laboratory, and Department of Geography at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

In addition to these core semi-merged research groups, we maintain active collaborations with scientists across the region and around the world.

Earth-surface science

We approach geomorphology and, broadly, the science of Earth’s surface as the essential link between climate, land use, geodynamic processes, Earth history, and the environment in which we live. Our group approaches these problems:

  1. with broad eye towards interdisciplinary knowledge,
  2. through precise physical and mathematical approaches to build and operationalize theory, and
  3. in the spirit of open-minded inquiry into Earth-system science.

Everybody matters

Some of us are strong. Some of us are smart. Some of us make others laugh. Some have known Earth science since childhood, while others have recently discovered it. Some of us come up with problems, and some imagine solutions. Whether you haul a pack, write computer code, date samples, analyze remotely-sensed data, couple differential equations, inspire students, and/or build our community, you are welcome among us.